Welcome! We are Bonus Admin. Since 2003 we have been offering services that include property management and administration, engineering systems' technical maintenance, cleaning of inside-door premises as well as outside-door territory, and security services and consultations. Our services are used not only in Lithuania, but also in Belarus, Russia (Kaliningrad) and the United Kingdom (London). Our international experience forces us to be perfectionists in the field and to strive for the best quality in services that we provide for our demanding customers. Today we supervise over 500.000 m2 area of real estate objects. We provide services for both residential (settlements, apartments, etc.) and commercial (malls, offices, hotels, restaurants, department stores, hospitals, logistic centers, warehouses, etc.) facilities.

We care about our clients' welfare. We grow for it, we widen our spectrum of services for it, and we constantly seek for improvement in all the activities of Bonus Admin. Every company of Bonus Admin is under constant supervision and audition, therefore the risk of activities is minimal. That is Bonus Admin's major strength and certain guarantee to our clients.

The mission and goal of Bonus Admin is to help our clients to become the professionals and leaders in their fields. It is possible only on one occasion – when all the opportunities are given to explore and grow in an area where you are the best. While providing our clients with the best quality of property management services we help them to concentrate on their own activities. That is a perfect synthesis which is absolutely useful to you! While constantly investing in our best specialists, improving and automating businesses' management processes we are capable of offering you the best quality. We will always keep surprising you with our unique solutions, attention and price range because we are the professionals!

If you want to become leaders in your field contact Bonus Admin. We go the same direction!

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